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Product Description

Thai school students in general have a lack of knowledge and resources that help guide them in identifying life goals and paths that they would like to take, which often result in less-than-optimal decisions in their pursuance of study which they would later regret. a-chieve provides a wide range of activities and tools to help students identify their
strengths and aspirations as well as to equip them with the knowledge of different career options available which enable them to make informed decisions that would maximize
their potential and fulfilment in life. Offline activities:
Fuk Fun Fest – Career expo
● Job Shadow program
● Self exploration workshops
● Career clinic – small group consultation session with career mentors
Online tools and resources:
● Video call with career mentors
● Career database

In addition, a-chieve has also been actively engaged with career advisory teachers to
provide them with training, consultation and tools to support them in designing career
advisory classes that would cater to the diverse needs of their students

Type of Needs


  • Grant/Donation
  • Loan
  • Equity


  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Access


  • Networking

Supported by

  • BANPU Champion for Change
  • The power to change society

  • ChangeVentures
  • Growing enterprises for sustainable impacts


    Year of Impact Measurement (Year) 2018 2019
    Students participate in activities (No. of student
    9252 1957
    Career mentors provide advice to students through
    a-chieve activities (No. of mentors participated)
    186 123
    Teachers trained on career advisory (No. of teachers
    22 200

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