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Product Description

JitAton aims to provide holistic health care in a natural way to those who suffer physical or mental ailments. They focus on strengthening one’s ability to cope with mental problems because they are usually the root cause that leads to the development of other physical illnesses. Through creating internal peace, it helps to promote an overall well-being of the people receiving the treatment. 

The services JitAton provides include:

  • One-on-one counseling service
  • Workshop activities for internal understanding and healing
  • Setting up of support groups
  • Holistic healthcare services
  • Crystal singing bowl
  • Body and mind detoxification activities

JitAton also has the social goal in making such services available to caregivers such as medical professionals, counsellors, teachers and so on because they believe creating well-being in this group will further benefit the society and free services are provided to this group.


  • Free service provided to a total of 1,352 people, including
    • 701 teachers, medical staff, foundation employees
    • 395 children and adolescence
    • 256 general public

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