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Organic agriculture in schools following the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy

Palukasamo, Narathiwat Province, Thailand

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Community situation

The Palukasamo SAO initiated organic agricultural projects at child development centers, schools, and the Tadika School. The students can have lunch from locally grown and safe produce. In addition to having good food, the students can also learn about farming from activities outside the class, and other values, such as self-reliance and independence according to Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.


  • Organic agricultural plots at child development centers
  • Organic agricultural plots at the Tadika School


  • The produce from the agricultural plots of the Baan Cherng Khao Child Development Center is cooked as lunch for the students. The produce is distributed to three other child development centers, as well as to students’ parents so that they can have safe and affordable food.
  • Parents, students, and monks cooperate in farming activities at schools.


Saipim Thongdaeng, 53, is a teacher at the Baan Cherng Khao Child Development Center with 33 students. The Palukasamo SAO supports the continuation of the center’s agricultural activities and helps expand vegetable growing plots at the Cherng Khao Temple. Parents and students helped grow vegetables and water them. The produce is used to cook lunches for the students at the center and distributed to three other centers. The rest of the produce is sold to parents and students at a low price. When the rainy season ends, more vegetable plots will be built with bricks and topsoil.

I am happy to be able to build on the existing activities and make them more concrete. There are many groups in the community who come to help. I think in the future, we will be able to share the profits from vegetable sales with the community and sell our produce at the Tonsai flea market.”


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