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Empowering Women: Co-creating a Social Enterprise for Small Organic Farmers in the Deep South Provinces by East Forum Foundation aims to expand organic farming as a result of COVID-19, including restoring abandoned paddy fields, ecosystems, and local food culture by connecting organic producers with green consumers in three southern provinces and supporting the Participatory Guarantee System or PGS. This model aims at increasing organic rice products for household consumption and empowering women to play a role in households and creating space and opportunities for women to participate in economic activities in the three southern provinces.

1. To empower women to participate in agriculture and become organic rice trader with their own rice brand

  • Activity
    • Organize workshops on Community Business Model Canvas: Organic Rice-CBMC Organic Rice to create the Business Model Canvas (BMC) by using the TOWS MATRIX and Social Enterprise (SE)
  • Stakeholders
    • Women farmer leaders 12 pax
    • Male farmer leaders 3 pax
    • Community leaders 5 pax
    • Green consumers 500 pax
  • Expected outputs 
    • Able to design Business Model Canvas (BMC)
    • Can develop the rice packaging

2. To increase women and their family income

  • Activities
    • Gather the produce and build a network’s revolving capital system
    • Promote marketing
      • Liaise with schools, hospitals, hotels to present products
      • Liaise with organic retailers, restaurants, rice shops in three provinces and other provinces.
      • Pre-order marketing involved by Mosque committee during Zakat after Ramadan month
      • Trade fairs such as Green Market at Prince of Songkhla University
  • Stakeholders 
    • Female farmers from 64 households
    • Male farmers from 9 households
    • Indirect beneficiaries
      • Household members 436 pax
      • Vulnerable group around 100 pax (People from Zakat and students from Datika School)
  • Expected outputs 
    • Farmer networks’ families have higher income (organic rice products)

3. To open space and opportunities for women to participate in economic activities by empowering to take up roles at the household level and community-level.

  • Activities 
    • Organize seminar to identify group objectives to prepare for registration of community enterprise
    • Training on knowledge management and communication skills and producing photos and video clips
  • Stakeholders 
    • Women farmer leaders 12 pax
    • Male farmer leaders 3 pax
    • Community leaders 5 pax
  • Expected outputs 
    • Empower women to participate in economic activities, play a role in household and community decision-making



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